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How to Train Like an Olympian By Ramona Braganza: Bobsleigh

Posted by Ramona Braganza

Mar 24, 2016 8:38:21 PM


In bobsleigh, you have a four man-crew: one is the driver, two are push athletes, and one is a brakeman. Push athletes are the power of the team – they strength train heavy to develop enough muscle to push a 500 pound sled, with power at the start. Many of these athletes can deadlift 330 pounds and squat over 500 lbs. Ultimately, it's team work that gets them down the track.

Ramona Braganza's Olympic Bobsleigh Tip:

If your goal is to build size and muscle then take the time to learn some Olympic lifts, particularly those that that build strong hips and legs through back squats, front squats, and deadlifts. Olympic lifting torches calories not only during the workout but long after. It’s a great metabolic booster.

To perform a proper deadlift, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and with a barbell in front of you. Leaning down, grip the barbell so that the width is right outside of your legs. Your hands should be gripping over the barbell, not under. Looking ahead of you, take a deep breath in, and pull the barbell up towards your chest  –  you should be pulling through the heels, pulling your shoulders back and hips forwards. As you lower the bar, reverse the movement and keep your weight in your glutes and heels. You should not arch your back. You should hinge your hips, keep a straight back, and keep the barbell close to you.

Yes Wellness Supplement Recommendation:

To train like a bobsleigh Olympian, Yes Wellness recommends using whey protein. Whey protein is an easily digestible, fast absorbing protein that helps build muscle. Most athletes who train to build strength and muscle use whey protein.

Check tomorrow for Ramona's tip on how to train like a nordic olympic athlete.



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