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How to Train Like an Olympian By Ramona Braganza: Nordic Combined

Posted by Ramona Braganza

February 18, 2014 at 9:40 AM


Nordic combined is an event that combines two sports: ski jumping and cross country skiing. It was first used by Norwegian soldiers in competition, with the first competition held in Oslo in 1892. In the Olympics, Norway has always dominated Nordic Combined, but Finland, Germany, Austria, and France are also fierce competitors.

Ramona Braganza's Olympic Nordic Combined Tip:

Skiing is all about your ankles, so no matter what type of skiing you do your ankles control your feet and your feet control your skis. Balance and ankle strength can both be improved by adding a bosu to your workout. Doing simple squats on the bosu works well to strengthen the chain from you core, to your legs, to your ankles.

Yes Wellness Supplement Recommendation:

The Yes Wellness supplement recommendation for training like a Nordic Combined athlete is a multivitamin. Multivitamins are great to use in addition to a nutritious diet. Where a nutritious diet falls short, multivitamins can provide one with the nutrients that are missing from their diet. Multivitamins can help prevent nutrient deficiencies, keeping your body healthy, well, and strong. 

Check back tomorrow for Ramona's tip on how to train like a olympic speed skater.

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