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How to Train Like an Olympian By Ramona Braganza: Snowboarding

Posted by Ramona Braganza

February 16, 2014 at 7:30 AM


An exciting race with four to six men racing against each other down a motor-cross-style track with things such as big airs and bank turns where anything can happen – it's snowboarding of course. For a snowboarding olympic athlete, getting a strong start is crucial, so you must have the leg strength to support a good start. Leg strength training can include sled pull and eccentric loading, along with using vibrating plates to tighten the core.

Ramona Braganza's Olympic Snowboarding Tip:

If your gym doesn’t have a sled that you can pull, train by doing overhead squats and kettle bell swings. 

To do an overhead squat, have your feet shoulder width apart. Bend both knees and lift a barbell, with your hands shoulder width apart, until the barbell can rest on your chest. Then, move the barbell over and extend your arms. This is how you start. To complete a repetition, lower your knees so that they are parallel to the floor. Using your feet and legs, go back to the starting position. It is extremely important to have good form, by keeping your back straight, when doing an overhead squat. 

To do a kettle ball swing, stand with feet shoulder width apart. Sit back into your hips. You will know you are sitting back into your hips by standing with your back to a wall and reaching between your legs to touch the wall behind you. Start in this position by gripping a kettle ball. Complete a repetition by snapping your hips and standing up tall with the kettle bell out in front of you. You should have your quads, glutes, and abs engaged in this position. Repeat this movement through 3-4 sets with 10-12 reps.

Yes Wellness Supplement Recommendation:

To train like a snowboarding olympic athlete, the Yes Wellness supplement recommendation is L-Carnitine. Snowboarders need great muscle strength in their legs and L-carnitine helps to build muscle and increase strength.  In addition to muscle and strength, L-Carnitine is also a great way to boost your immune system and improve brain function.

Check back tomorrow to read more about Ramona's tip on how to train like a bobsleigh olympian.

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